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how to live well past 100 years by by Mary Beal
Mary Beal


Jade Murray

✦ Licensed Nail Tech ✦

📍Arts District (DTLV)

✦ Hand-painted nail art

✦ All my clients are gems; I polish them!

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Shop with Cedric Webb




Initial Shock: The Brigitte Harris Story

Sin City Seafood

Sin City Seafood
my journey to becoming a registered nurse by Joyce V. Morgan



This book was birth out of a burning desire to share a little girl’s dream to orchestrate and compose her destiny.

The evidence of being orphan gets you to thinking fast, deep, and methodical.

I want to take you on a journey of a child very much aware that the odds of having a decent life was going to dim to death and that life was not going to be a bowl of cherries if she didn’t pick those cherries herself.

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is your soul saved
Is Your Soul Saved?

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